What Plan?

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It has been brought to my attention recently that plans don’t happen.

Okay, yes, sometimes exactly what you planned will happen, like you planned to put five ingredients in your smoothie and you put those five ingredients in it. But, sometimes plans just absolutely do not go like you thought, like I’m guessing the year 2020 for you didn’t happen like you planned. If you did plan your 2020 year that way, well my god I don’t know if I should give you props for being prepared or be scared of you for planning that to happen.

In life I think we are taught, at least since my youth (which I suppose I am also still in?), that we should have a plan.

I’m sure you have been asked at some point “what’s your five year plan?” I’m sorry Martha but do you really expect me to have any clue what I want to be doing when I’m thirty when I don’t even know what I will be doing two days from now???

Sure, planning is a good way to hold yourself accountable and to want to push for certain goals, but also don’t get hung up not being able to have things go exactly as planned.

If I was in the career I said I would have in fifth grade I would be a pole dancer, bar tender, or fashion designer. I do not think I would enjoy any of these.

Flash forward to my senior year of high school and I said I was going to be a corporate lawyer strictly because I wanted to make loads of money.

Flash forward to present day I am a nanny and about to be a real estate agent as well. It’s weird because I never thought that was the path I was going down, but at the same time, it is like every step of my life has brought me here and it makes perfect sense.

Will I be in these jobs five years from now? I hope to be, but how could I possibly say for sure. I will also be thirty and who the heck knows what Hannah will decide needs to happen during the thirtieth year of life. Maybe I will be taking a year off from work and exploring the world? Maybe I’ll be married? Maybe I still will feel way too young to be in a serious relationship?

Only time will tell and only time will reveal the true plans for your life.

I do believe your actions and choices have power and definitely affect your future, but I also think sometimes certain things happen because of outside influence.

It’s funny because I really, truly am the most type A person I could be (my Virgo sign is showing) but with my job I have, and the one I soon will be working, I have to readily accept changes in plans. No rigid routines.

You need me to work in 20 minutes? You got it. My schedule for the whole week is getting switched around? Cool.

I have to be willing to accept the uncomfortable (not being able to always know the plan in my case) and do so with a positive attitude. “Thank you for this opportunity!”, not “Why are you doing this to me?”

One way I’ve learned to make this easier is to always be prepared and to have morning and evening routines. Of course sometimes even these things fall apart, but as long as you are trying that is what matters.

I suppose this is just a long winded way of telling myself it’s okay to not have a set plan always and a way of me to remind you that it’s okay, too.

Plans are great but so is living.

Living can’t be planned and a lot of times the very best things are the most unexpected.

Keep living your life to the fullest and lean into the spontaneity of life.

Until next time,


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