The Shift

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I have talked about change before on my blog and how I think change is beneficial. In my eyes if change isn’t happening you are stuck and that is not living, in my opinion.

Just because I believe change is necessary doesn’t mean she and I are always best friends. Sometimes she is a mean girl and I feel bullied.

When I am writing this post that is sort of how I am feeling. For me, and for many other people in this world, it is easy to continue doing what you’re doing but when a switch happens it takes a second to recalibrate.

Specifically here I am talking about a work/play type of balance. When I am in work mode and I am working 50+ hour weeks, doing the work isn’t hard. I am in the groove and I get things done. I learn how to schedule my life down to the minute and I can tell you what I will be having to eat and how long it is going to take.

When I then switch into a weekend mode it is weird for me to have moments of nothing. How do I just be? The relaxing makes me feel uncomfortable but then by day two I feel like I get ahold of the relaxing so when it comes back to a work week it is hard to switch again.

Whether I am working or I am relaxing, I am good at it it is just the switch that is hard.

This can happen with a lot of areas in life and I think that it is normal. And maybe that switching time period is a little awkward or a little less fun than ideal, but that is okay. Life can’t always be comfy times and smooth sailing.

Learning to embrace those moments where you might feel a bit overwhelmed is a good thing. I am not saying live a life where all day long you are wiping the sweat from your palms and you feel like throwing up because of the anxiety your life is causing, but I do think it is healthy to not always feel comfortable in your life.

Challenge yourself and push yourself and you just might surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

I know I am not (okay occasionally I am) looking for the easy way out of things. I want the challenge. I want to learn and grow and surprise myself with how I handle different situations.

We only get one life, so we may as will live our lives to the fullest.

I hope that whether you are in a constant phase or a changing phase in your life you are finding peace and you are excited and ready to take on the next challenge that comes your way.

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