Accepting What Is

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Last week I talked about my journey with my face and how that has led me to my confidence journey.

This week I want to talk to you about something else appearance wise that happened to me recently.

Since I was 18 years old I have had ten piercings. Seven in my left ear and three in my right. I love them so much and it was never a question of if I was getting them, I always new I was supposed to have all those holes in my ears.

One day at the age of 24 my top two cartilage piercings decided to get infected. I washed my earrings and kept up with my ear cleanliness, but after a full month of these piercings bleeding then getting pus in them, I decided they needed to be removed.

After a few days my ear, thankfully, healed completely! Unfortunately, this also meant that my beloved piercing holes had closed.

I now am Hannah with eight piercings. As much as I want to say I will get them re pierced (mom I know you are going to love to read this), I know I will not.

Something in me tells me they served their time on my body and my body told me this is how it should be.

I believe in signs and letting things come to me the way they are supposed to. I believe that this is how my journey was supposed to go with my piercings.

For some reason it made me think of relationships. You always assume that the relationships you are in: platonic, romantic, business, etc., are going to be in your life forever. However, just like my piercings serving their time in my life, certain relationships serve their time.

Sometimes a seemingly perfect relationship will end after a bit of time because it has served its course. Simple as that.

There are many things in life that we have to accept. Accept them for what they are.

If you try to predict your life I am sure you have noticed that you can’t. You can’t possibly know how things will turn out. You can’t possibly know what is meant to happen.

You have to let go and accept what is.

We can try to force things, avoid things, try things, create things, hate things, but eventually we realize that not all things can be shaped. Sometimes we just have to accept.

That’s a big (every time I say this word I think of my little kiddo I nanny and the way she says it and it’s super cute and I just had to let you know) pill to swallow. I’m talking near-death choking experience type of pill. But once you get it down it’s not so bad. Life gets a little bit easier.

Gripping on to something, someone, or somewhere because you are trying to take control of an uncontrollable situation will not make you feel better.

It’s hard to face the truth but it’s harder to fake a truth.

I am not sure how something like two infected cartilage piercings could get this message across to me, but it did and so I am sharing it with you.

It is up to me to be as honest and open about my experiences and life lessons as I possibly can be.

Are there things in your life you are being taught through scenarios like mine?

Accepting what is, makes life divine.

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “Accepting What Is

  1. “It’s hard to face the truth, but it’s harder to fake the truth”, is a profound statement! We’ve all been there, where we aren’t being honest with ourselves or others. Also, we do learn from scenarios like yours. We can’t always shape outcomes, but we can learn from them. I always love your posts!


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