Running Renegade

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I am a person who has been known to run. Running to try to escape my problems. But see, the thing is, no matter how fast, how far, how long you run you cannot outrun the problems meant for you.

At some point in your life you will have to face what you are trying to avoid, so wouldn’t it be better to face it head on immediately than dread the arrival of the problem?

Of course saying that you should, or even could, face your problems right away is different than actually doing it.

When you get in the moment of facing your problems it can be scary, uncomfortable, intimidating, etc.. But so is running from those problems.

I also truly believe that the longer you wait to do something, whether good or bad, (ie going on a trip or having to apologize for breaking your dad’s favorite plates) the more you build it up. The more you build something up it can seem like the real thing is a let down or you think what you have to do is much scarier than what you have to do.

Don’t let yourself build something up in your mind.

I know, I know, once again this is easier said than done but with practice it will get easier. Practice letting things be the way they are meant to be. Practice focusing on the present moment.

Here is a poem I wrote about being free flowing with your reactions and perceptions of things:

My poem.

I really like the message in my poem. I wrote it a long time ago but just found it the other day and it reminded me the valuable lesson of being open.

Being open for change and to be able to handle what comes my way.

I will not run, I will not hide. I am here for the ride.

Have you been running from your problems or do you face them head on?

Do you allow yourself to be open to what comes your way or are you set in stone with your habits.

Life is a little bit easier when we do the things we need to do and allow things to just be.

We are who we are. We need to face the things we need to face. Life is what it is.

Be proactive and willing to go where the winds take you.

Until next time,


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My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

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