One Step Ahead

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If you are on track you are behind but to be ahead is on track so can you be ahead?

That’s the way my brain works. I feel like I always have to be a step ahead but when I am “a step ahead” I’m actually on track or behind. This fits in with my post from last week talking about imposter syndrome.

I always have to be thinking about the next thing I can do or else I feel like I am not doing enough. I have to constantly be on the move or I feel like I am being lazy. However, if I actually let myself sit around it makes me feel poorly. Not in a “wow you have been lazy” type of way but rather a “hi hello remember me I am your body and I need to move move move” type of way.

Balancing this aspect of my life has been interesting. How do I know where to set the boundaries to make sure I have a healthy work/play balance without actually sabotaging myself and making myself not feel good?

Every person has a different way of living that works for their body. Some people thrive on sitting at a desk job all day long. Some people are out running 100+ miles a week. Some people need constant scheduling in their life, some people need to be able to have the freedom to do what they want when they want.

What happens if you are a person who needs both?

I have learned that I am a person who needs both. My life is a whole lot of duality.

I need time alone, but sometimes I need to be by people.

I need to constantly be moving my body, but sometimes I need to sit and do something mindless.

I need to be in nature, but sometimes I need to be indoors.

I need to always be working, but sometimes I need to not have responsibilities all day long.

I have had to learn how to navigate what is a balance that works for me and my life, and quite frankly it hasn’t been easy. I am still learning as I go.

My needs change from week to week. My body doesn’t always need consistency and it constantly surprises me with what it wants.

The thing is I have had to learn to listen. Let go and really allow myself to do what my body says it needs. No pressure to do a certain thing; just do what I need.

Sometimes this looks like doing a workout because it sounds fun or sometimes it means working out because I know for my mental health I need it, but the idea of it sounds not fun. Sometimes this means I have complete rest days. This same sort of thing applies to my work.

On the days where my body truly wants to just be and free flow all day long without a plan or rules on what I should do, I have to remind myself that that is okay. It is okay, or rather amazing, to do what you need for your body.

Pushing yourself constantly leads to burnout.

Pushing yourself can be necessary but breaks are necessary too.

If you are someone who has struggled with finding a work/play balance what have you done to find your way?

One thing I know is it is always okay to be exactly where I am as I am and I am not “behind,” “on time,” or “ahead.”

We all have our own journeys and timelines for our life.

Have fun with the path you are on and find a balance that works for you and your life.

Work hard and play hard, my friend.

Until next time,


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