How To Know If You Have Found Your People

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By people I mean the people in your life who are there for you and help you get through life. These are the people you could trust with your life and you can bring any information to and you know that they will support you.

Just a few years ago I parted ways with my best friend at the time. It was very hard for me to do, but I just knew down to my core that she and I were not going in the same direction in life and if I stayed friends with her she would be anchor to my ship; she wouldn’t be the wind in my sails.

I made the hard decision, without the support of my family, because I knew it was right for me and my life.

At the same time I was wondering why I couldn’t find someone else in my life who I connected with on an extreme level. Now, I have a handful of best friends who are all amazing and kind and supportive and I love them, but I also felt like I was missing this one person in my life who really truly knew me in and out.

I let the universe do what the universe does and one day she showed up in my life.

We actually met through school and she reached out to me because she wanted me to be her accountability buddy. If you read my blogs regularly, it is Paige from the “Two Vegans, One Interview” post. From the first time we talked it was weird how easy it was to relate to one another and how long we could effortlessly talk.

I knew how lucky I was to find someone who really truly I believe I can talk to about anything in the world with and she will not judge me or make me feel dumb.

And then on top of that I have my other best friends who are all amazing in their own ways. Some have seen me though my worst years in my life; some have helped me feel comfortable with who I am; they all encourage me to be myself and do what I want with my life.

That is how I know that I have found my people.

When the people in your life are so excited for you to accomplish things and truly want the best for you, keep them.

There are nasty people out there who only get jealous of you and don’t want to see you succeed.

Find people who want you to be happy.

Find people who help to make you feel happy.

Find people who help celebrate your successes and are there for you in your times of need.

And, please, be that person for others.

I can’t tell you how long it will take you to find your people, but I know that they are out there.

Do not give up hope.

To all my besties, you know who you are, thank you for being you. I appreciate you.

To finding people who help make life a little bit sweeter.

Until next time,


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My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “How To Know If You Have Found Your People

  1. Thanks for your post, Hannah. You always have such great perspectives. Here’s a quote for you:
    “We all let people into our lives, but you will find that really good friends let you into your own.”


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