Healthy Habit or Addiction

There is a fine line between something being a healthy habit and when it becomes an addiction.

Last week I was talking about the internet and how it can be your friend or your foe and that concept is kind of the same thing, only this time it’s with healthy habits.

Healthy habits include, but are not limited to, exercise, consuming whole plant foods (the more whole the food the more nutrients it has), drinking water, and journaling.

All these habits are great habits to have but sometimes they can turn into a problem. They become a problem when it is more of an addiction than it is just fun. If you feel like you always have to practice all your healthy habits or you have failed, you have probably reached the stage of it becoming an addiction.

If you have read my past blogs, you know that I have an addictive personality. Alcohol (I’ve been sober for a little over three years) and cleaning/germs (I will literally sanitize my kitchen up to ten times a day) are things that I struggle with. I have also struggled with getting addicted to my healthy habits.

For a good amount of time I wouldn’t feel like I had done anything in a day if I didn’t get up at 5, go running, have a green juice before breakfast, get over a certain amount of steps in a day, drank a certain amount of water even if it made me feel sick, forced myself to journal even if I had nothing to say, only ate things that didn’t have salt or oil in them and rarely consumed fat (please don’t fall for the whole low fat diet thing. you need to eat fat for your brain and hormones to function properly!!!). Quite frankly I was a mess.

It was not a good time for me. My life was forced instead of enjoyed. I had to meet all the standards I set for myself or else I declared myself a failure. It didn’t matter how tired, how hungry, how sore I was I had to keep going. I couldn’t stop even when I wanted to. I came from an addiction to things that were bad for me and moved on to being addicted to being “healthy.”

The reason I got out of the forced life was because my body had had enough and started to break down. It was not happy and it was not going to allow me to continue to push it to the extreme. I would like to say that I would’ve caught on to my unhealthy mentality towards health eventually, but all I can say is that my body was ready for a change.

So are exercise, whole plant foods, drinking water, and journaling, along with many other things, healthy habits? Yes. But do you know what else is a healthy habit? Checking in with yourself.

Check in with yourself and see if you can go a day without your “healthy habit.” If the idea of skipping it for a day freaks you out it is probably time to realize that you might have an issue.

You are allowed to take days off and just be. You are allowed to eat less nutrient dense food sometimes. You are allowed to do whatever it is your body is telling you it wants to do (all legal things of course) and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

The healthiest habit you can have is serving your body’s needs.

Take a second to check-in with yourself. What is fueling your actions: your body wanting to perform a healthy habit or your addiction to the healthy habit.

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If you want to listen to me read this blog post you can now do that, here:

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