The Same, But Different

Sometimes there are things in life that are nearly the same, but they are in fact different. An example of this is zebra stripes. No two zebras have identical striping (this is my nanny life coming at you and this fact is brought to you by an animal book about counting) which I find to be very cool.

Something else that is similar but different is sunrise and sunset. They are both moments in time when the sun is making its presence known by painting the sky with marvelous colors, colors that are hard to duplicate in my opinion.

To me, they are both magical and even though they are similar they are different. And every sunrise and sunset, for that matter, is different. But just because they are not the same doesn’t mean that each day there isn’t a marvelous painting across the sky.

I am a person who truly can have my breath taken away when I see a sunrise or sunset. They make me think about how amazing life is and how grateful I am to be alive. They remind me to slow down and to look for the beauty in this world that surrounds me. We get two times a day where this miracle occurs (three times if you catch a flight and get a bonus sunrise/sunset in the air!!! the picture I used in this banner is actually a sunset shot on a flight home from San Antonio in 2017) and I love it.

To me a sunrise is a reminder to be grateful to be alive another day and a sunset is a reminder to be grateful for all that happened during that day. Not every day is a great day, but I assure you there is something great in every day.

If you want to start feeling like you are getting all that you can from life, practice gratitude. I get that it might sound silly if you have never done something like this and you may think it won’t change anything, but my friend, it changes everything.

I used to be the poster child for a cup half empty (saying it this way is actually weird for me now) and I didn’t get how anyone could think a cup was half full. It didn’t make sense to me and I didn’t appreciate what life had to offer me.

It took a lot of growing up and learning and trusting and giving in to things I thought were hippy dippy (I don’t think this way anymore; I try to have an open mind. if you tell me that to cure my sniffle I need to go sing to a tree, I am willing to try it) but I made it to a place where I see a glass as being half full.

There is a point where there is a thing called toxic positivity and that is not what I would encourage. You are allowed to feel upset and say things are hard and that you had a bad day, but really try to look for at least a sliver of good even in a smoking pile of donkey dung day.

All this is to say it’s 4:33 and I’m watching the sky turn a blazing tangerine color topped with an ombré of pastel pinks, purples, and blues. And here I am sitting looking out the window watching this happen. I see the way the earth under the sky is changing colors. I know the sky will soon change and the vast darkness of night will encompass the colors of day’s end and with it bring twinkling stars and city lights.

I am grateful for this moment. I am grateful for the sky. I appreciate where I am and where I am going.

I hope the next time you see the colors appear in the sky you take a second to appreciate your life and the beauty around you.

Until next time,


Published by Hannah

My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “The Same, But Different

  1. Nature is so beautiful, and we are blessed by it every day. I’m grateful for my cup being half full. I’m grateful to have a cup period!!! There’s an old, old hymn entitled. “I’m Drinking From My Saucer ‘Cause My Cup Has Overflowed”!
    How’s that for gratitude!? 🙂

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