Winter Wonderland

Winter officially started on the twenty-first of December. I always find the starting point of official winter funny because where I live it is winter from October to April, in my mind.

This year (well technically last year because that is so 2020) we had a long warm fall. I don’t think I remember ever having a fall feel so long or warm. This could just be because to me every day is a week in corona time, or it could be that fall was actually longer. Maybe someone can let me know if they agree or if I am just crazy, either way for me it was a long warm fall and I loved it.

The start of our winter was really in fall, but the start of actual winter (December 21) brought with it a magnificently breezy (read as FRICKEN WINDY LIKE IS MY FACE STILL ATTACHED TO MY BODY????) cold (I need a thicker bra if you catch my drift) winter day. I had a feeling when winter came it would meet us in full subzero force, and I was not disappointed.

Even though where I live it is basically the Arctic and it hurts to be outside sometimes, it can also be the most magical time of year. There is something special about the way the world is in the midst of winter.

When the world is covered in a blanket of white fluffy snow, the sounds dampen and things get brighter. You get to wear layers of clothes and feel like a real life marshmallow (in my world this means puffy like a cloud and in my mom’s I was informed this means fat so I do not mean the latter). You can see your breath in the air, reminding you that you are alive and your lungs are functioning.

Winter is a time for cozy clothes and fun treats. It is a time where you can celebrate different holidays and have time with family and loved ones. Winter is a time where you can be challenged in a new way to see how you act in situations that maybe are less than desirable.

No two winters are the same; every day is unique, it is a season where you really need to learn to adapt and react. I like this concept. Making yourself learn to adapt and react on the fly is an important skill. How are you going to adapt to the frigid temperatures when you like to walk outside? How do you react when you go somewhere and when you come back to your car it is covered in six inches of snow?

Winter is not a season that is for the weak. Winter is a season that makes you think; it makes you switch up your way of living. Winter is a season where you get to slow down.

Maybe winter is the universe’s way of reminding the human species that it is important to take breaks and that we are not designed to always live a fast-paced lifestyle.

Winter is not for everyone. If you are not willing to adapt and react I say get the heck out of a place that has long tough winters, and if you are someone who is up to the challenge I say embrace it with open arms and get excited about a new adventure every day.

I hope you find some happy moments throughout the winter and look at it as a time to learn and have fun.

To snowy streets and cozy clothing.

Until next time,


Published by Hannah

My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Hi Hannah! I don’t mind winter, other than when it’s windy on my face or icy at my feet or wheels. Otherwise, I don’t mind dressing in layers and going outside to soak in the fresh air! Here’s to pulling out our bombers and warm mittens. Oh, yeah, let’s add lined boots, infinity scarves, and battery operated jackets!

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