Into the Unknown

Hello, you.

Thank you for being here and reading this; I really appreciate it. If you enjoy it, feel free to share it with someone and comment down below what you like!

This is going to be my last post of 2020, but don’t worry I will be back with lots of things to say in the new year!!

2021, it’s weird to think we are almost there. I also feel as though we should be entering 2030 because this year has been the longest year ever.

Many things happened this year and one thing that I think everyone can agree on is that everything has changed.

I do not know a single person who could say that their life wasn’t changed by this year. Not all change is bad, that’s for sure, but a big chunk of the change that took place this year was definitely unexpected and not so great.

This year has brought highs and lows, exciting moments, heart-wrenching moments, laughs, tears, and has brought about a lot of thinking and learning.

We have had new lives born, lives taken, an election, and a global pandemic to name a few things that have occurred this year. Things have shifted in the world. Some people are angry, some are sad, some are making the best with what they have.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that what I used to think mattered doesn’t and what I never really thought twice about does.

The people who love and support you are important. People that can help you in a time of need are good people to have around.

I never thought I would want to stay in the town I grew up in but at this moment in time I can’t imagine moving somewhere away from my people.

I am lucky to have my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, grandma, and aunt right by me. I have lots of other family in town and in a town nearby and some in a close state, which is great. My people. My friends who have become more like family to me, even though I haven’t seen them in a long time, are only a text away. I know I am blessed.

I am blessed and yet this year has brought me great stress.

Looking at my resolutions I had for this year is funny because a portion of them involved travel and obviously that didn’t happen, but I am okay with that.

This year has had me inside my head in a way I didn’t know I could be. It has brought about dark thoughts (these weren’t new), memories from the past, hope for the future, and positive self-talk (this was new). As much as you want to be a person who is nice to themselves there are times where that doesn’t happen. For me, I had a negative internal monologue that was like a broken record.

This year, really in the past few months, something changed. Just like I now have a different view on what is important to me, I am starting to treat myself differently. I am finally hearing a nice voice from inside my head. Something that sounds like such a simple task has taken me 24 years (this year has felt so long I feel as though I should be 30 but I also feel like a 6 year old so please explain that to me) and that’s okay!

Some lessons we learn early in life and some later. Some we have to learn more than once. Learning lessons is just a part of life, and quite honestly it’s how we grow as people.

So if nothing else, I hope this year has brought you some valuable life lessons.

I hope you end this year thinking about the blessings you have. If you are alive and breathing that is more than some people got out of this year.

As we head into the new year let’s open our minds to thought-provoking life lessons and our hearts to being kind and patient.

We are all just trying to do our best.

Until 2021,


Published by Hannah

My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

3 thoughts on “Into the Unknown

  1. Thank you for your post “Into the Unknown”, Hannah. You write so well and you are so contemplative and honest. What you said “If you are alive and breathing that is more than some people got out of this year.” was a profound statement. So many have lost their lives this year because of the pandemic. Tomorrow is unknown, but we can count our blessings and move forward with high hopes!

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