On The Right Track

Last week I wrote about trying to make the wrong situation feel right. This week I want to write about the exact opposite. Maybe you are wondering how do you know if a situation is right for you and you are not trying to force something to happen, well here are my thoughts on that.

I think it is very common to want to have reasurrance that you are doing the right thing. Maybe you are someone who asks a god for a sign or you seek counsel from family and friends to see if you are doing the right thing.

Here is the thing, first and foremost you need to see how you feel about a situation and if it just feels right down to your very core. That is pretty vague so I will give you a personal example.

One specific time this happened was when I bought my car. One day I was driving to work just how I normally would. There was a car parked by some railroad tracks with a for sale sign on it. As I drove by I literally thought “There’s my car!” then I thought that I was weird for thinking that and kept driving to work. Later that day, once work was over, as I was driving home I had the urge to pull over and go look at this car. I am not the type of person to do this, but something about it just felt like I needed to do it. Long story short, I listened to my gut even though it seemed out of character for me to do these things and I ended up buying a brand new (to me) car! If I wouldn’t have listened to myself I never would’ve bought my car.

That is how you just know something. It could feel weird or out of character for you, but you just know it is correct. There is no question up front about what you are thinking. Just like how you respond when you hear your name, these feelings are second nature.

Another way you can tell if a situation is for you is by signs. For me I see numbers as signs. Whenever I see repeating numbers I know that I am on the right track. Sometimes I will be driving and I have a sudden urge to look at my odometer after thinking about a situation in my life and I see a repeating number sequence. Or I will wonder if something is right for me and I see a clock and it says something like 12:34 or 3:33. These to me are signs.

The third way I know I am on the right track or something is supposed to be mine/in my life is it comes to me. This is one that happens to me personally and maybe you can relate. If I am ever looking for an answer to something I know it will come to me. Whether I hear a song and want to hear it again, I saw a word I wanted to learn but forgot what the word was, or I want a certain type of thing in my life, I know it will come to me if it is meant to be in my life. It could take a few minutes or it could take months, but I know that if I make peace with not knowing in the moment that the answer will come to me.

I find it to be true that if I really want something in my life, like a new car for example, and I am hellbent on getting it, it will not come to me. I was sure when I bought a car that I would buy a Ford Edge. It is a crossover because I was sure that that was what I needed. I also pictured “x,y,z” for my car. My serious car shopping process lasted for a couple of years. The majority of the time I was set that that WAS the car I was getting, no excuses. Then it moved into me just really wanting a new car and I was going to try “to make the shoe fit” with any car that was in my price range. Thankfully I got a clear head and realized I did not want to spend this giant chunk of cash on something if it didn’t feel completely right for me. That is when I decided I was good with having the car I had. Low and behold, when I made peace with not having the answer I originally wanted, I found my new car within a week.

Sometimes you have to know when to stop searching and to just let things happen the way they are supposed to.

If you are looking for answers, they will come to you.

Be patient and keep living your life to the best of your abilities.

Until next time,


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My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “On The Right Track

  1. Patience is a virtue that pays off most of the time. It’s hard, but when one settles in, and lets the jello stop jiggling, lets the ripples become smooth, and lets the winds slow down, peace usually comes, and things can then become more focused. Here’s to patience!

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