Nature is Neat

Nature. There is a vast array of beautiful nature on this Earth. Are you a person who appreciates the beauty or do you let the magnificent miracles pass you by?

Somehow when I was younger I didn’t pay attention to the amazing beauty that surrounded me every day. Sure, every day isn’t beautiful but there is something beautiful in every day.

I thought the clouds looked really cool here.

Every day I am in awe with the beauty around me. The shades of blue above me, the shades of green in the grass and the trees. The way the sun changes color, the golden hue in the morning is my favorite. The mountains, oceans, plains, the many types of trees and flowers, all the animals, the different seasons are all amazing and it is incredible how everything works in perfect harmony.

The harmony that happens day in and day out to make the vegetation and animals thrive is quite remarkable. The fact that we, as humans, get to experience this amazing phenomenon leaves me feeling so grateful.

I think it is amazing when the moon shines against the bright blue sky.

I feel the most inspired and at peace when I am in nature. I know that if I am ever feeling stressed that a simple ten minute walk in nature can recenter me. I feel the energy that the Earth emits and I know we are connected to the Earth.

I think it is so important to appreciate the topography of our regions. No two areas on this Earth are exactly the same and that is a thrilling fact. Explore the land around you and appreciate the beauty of your backyard. You can also go explore other areas and see how the lands vary from state to state or from country to country.

This picture doesn’t have a filter. These colors are magnificent naturally.

When exploring land I think it is important to leave the land better than you found it and to make sure to clean up garbage if you can. To help protect the lands, I think it is also important to do our part to recycle and to not buy plastic as often as we can.

This is a little poem I wrote one day after being out in nature and it really does summarize the way I feel about the Earth.

Since learning to love the Earth I have learned some tips for being more eco friendly. I now use shampoo bars and conditioner instead of bottles of shampoo and conditioner to cut down on plastic. I use a body wash bar for the same reason. I use reusable bags when I can. I use glass containers to store things instead of using ziplock baggies. I use a glass reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles of water. I also commit to not buying fast fashion products. I think it is so important to purchase used or from sustainable companies and would rather invest in something that is quality over owning a bunch of similar products.

Whether you are someone who likes to get out into nature or you are someone who would rather observe nature from a distance, I think it is safe to say that it is important to appreciate the marvelous gift it is.

Get out in nature as often as you can to reconnect with the beautiful Earth.

Do your part to protect the Earth and to leave places better than you found them.

Happy exploring!

Until next time,


Published by Hannah

My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

3 thoughts on “Nature is Neat

  1. Thank you for your post on nature. First of all, I loved your poem. Also, I recognized some of the scenes that you depicted! I can tell that you love and appreciate nature, and that you know how to find peace in the moment, especially when being surrounded by nature. Thanks for your tips on being earth friendly! Roxanne 🙂

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