The Magic of a Moment

A moment is a short period of time. If you think of a moment as a second, there are 86,400 in a day. That is a lot of moments. During our life we will have many moments that we don’t remember, I mean how can you expect to remember every single thing that happens every day for the duration of your life? There will also be moments that you will never forget, whether it be because it was something amazing that happened or because something that was less than pleasant took place.

My favorite moments are ones that bring me happiness. Even a moment that seemed bad initially can be funny now. I have a lot of moments from my past that come to me when I hear a certain song, smell a particular scent, or eat a few different foods. I love the way I can be transported back in time by something that triggers my memory.

I have learned that I can take in a moment and revisit that time in the future. Some moments are simply engrained in the brain without trying (for me scents and sounds evoke memories the easiest) and others can be made into a memory. A great tool for remembering things is pictures.

I love how a picture can capture a moment in time. Looking at it can bring you right back to that moment. What was happening, what did it smell like, what brought you to this moment, what happened after this moment?

I will now talk about two pictures that are moments in my life that I love. They are both from a trip I got to take with my brother in 2018. He and I got to go to Boston and to Portland, Maine. The first memory is from Boston, the second is from Maine.

This was the second trip my brother and I had taken alone. We were doing something different this time. We each had a carry-on suitcase and a backpack for a week of traveling at the end of March and early April, so it was still cold and we needed warmer clothing. He and I are definitely close, but this trip had us get close on a level we were not prepared for.

This is our hotel room in Boston.

Take a close (it really doesn’t have to be that close) look at the picture and see if you can guess how we were forced to be closer than expected. Did you notice that there is only one bed? Well we sure did.

Lukas and I made it to our hotel after a taxi ride that will go down in history as one of the most interesting experiences (Lukas you better remember that ride) and we were ready to get to our hotel room. Our room wasn’t ready for us yet (we actually got to Boston at about 8am because we took the 5am flight) and when they were ready for us they said there was only one room left. We thought nothing of this and said it was fine. We made it to our room, opened the door, and basically ran into the bed. The room was small. I mean really small. There was a full sized bed in the room, a tv stand, and bathroom and that is all that could fit. We quickly realized that we were about to have to share a full sized bed.

This picture is actually from the next day after we got to tour Fenway Park on opening day, which was super cool! This picture takes me right back to the hotel room and how funny the experience was. We never thought we would share a bed in our life and yet we were forced to (only because Lukas wouldn’t sleep on the floor or in the tub) when we were 24 and 21. Boston was great and I am so happy I took this picture in our cute little room where we had to get way closer than expected.

The next memory is from Maine. Lukas and I wanted to go on a sunset cruise around the Portland area, so we did.

This photo is from a ferry ride in Maine.

This is one of the pictures I got during the ride. It was gorgeous being on the water at sunset. I loved seeing how all the houses were covered in green algae. Some houses were up on stilt-like legs to protect them from the water. I remember thinking all the houses were so cute.

I am not sure how long the ferry ride actually took, but I do remember it feeling like it took 2,565 hours. I was freezing. I could barely move my hands and my teeth were chattering. Standing out on the ferry felt like I was in the middle of a tornado or something because the wind was so strong. It was also probably about 40 degrees and there was no sun to help make it feel warmer. The ferry had no heat so it was just one big cold block of metal.

To try and distract myself from being so cold I started to look up places that would have vegan food and that is how I found the restaurant with the best pasta I have ever eaten in my life. After the ferry ride I remember walking back to the hotel as fast as I could which somehow felt like I was simultaneously walking under water and running.

Would I remember these moments without pictures? Absolutely. But when I see a picture it really puts me back into that moment.

That’s the magic of pictures. They capture a moment in time.

Take pictures of things every day. Even if what is happening doesn’t seem so amazing at the time. It is fun to look back at what you have done.

Don’t take for granted a single moment you are alive on this earth. Use your time wisely. Do things that make you happy. Do things to make others happy. Do things to help the future generations and the planet.

Make your mark on this world and don’t forget to appreciate the magic of a moment.

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “The Magic of a Moment

  1. Hannah, thank you for your post. Dr. Seuss said it so well:
    “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Thank you for passing this on, and for your take on memories. Since the Covid pandemic, I have taken upon myself the project of diving into a sea of pictures, dating way back to my ancestors, and continuing all the way through Roger’s and my almost 40 years of marriage! Nick and Anna have grown up all over again, right in front of my eyes, as I view hundreds of photos! ‘Mostly great memories, and some not so good. They are all important, however, as they weave into the canvas of my mind, who I am, and how I have related to each memory.
    ‘Here’s to pictures! Thanks Hannah!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you for sharing this Hannah

    “Don’t take for granted a single moment you are alive on this earth.” That was a quote that really got me. I am certainly someone that takes things for granted, and I am trying to change this.

    Feel free to read some of my blog posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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