Just a Minor Inconvenience

Minor inconveniences, we all have them, but what classifies something as minor and something as major? An inconvenience, by definition, is something that disrupts your comfort.

I, and maybe you can relate here, have gotten caught up in a moment and thought something was the end of my life, like when my sock decided to be rude and crumple under my foot when I put my sneaker on, (okay, yes I may be a bit dramatic at times I get it) but surprise I survived that minor inconvenience! Go me!

When something minor is happening in your life it can feel major. That sock crumpling in the moment might feel huge because you decided to wear shoes you actually tie so now you have to take your shoe off, fix your sock, and then put your shoe back on and tie it again. Oof, exhausting. Maybe you burnt your food you were cooking so now you have to make something else to eat, but you are hungry and want food now! The hanger is real. Or, maybe you broke your phone that you just bought and now you have to buy another phone. Or maybe you decide to live without one, power to you. The list of things that can be an inconvenience in your life is astronomical, but it also depends on what you allow to be an inconvenience.

You might be thinking “What do you mean allow it to be an inconvenience? Isn’t burning my food when I am hungry a major inconvenience???” Yes, and no. Yes, having to make new food will take more time and having to throw burnt food in the trash is sad because it is wasting food, however, you have food to cook, which makes you lucky, and is it really going to affect your day THAT much? Is this going to affect your whole life? Depending on your attitude something big can even become minor.

My grandpa went about life with an attitude that x,y,z were just minor inconveniences. He was a man with the best attitude and he believed in treating people with respect. He lived many years with leukemia, but that didn’t make him any less kind or grateful. He was a man of honor and I strive to live by the values he lived.

My grandpa made sure to let people know he appreciated them and stated what he was grateful for, even during his last days in the hospital he made sure to always thank anyone who came into his room. The man was incredible and one saying of his that has stuck in my brain is “It is just a minor inconvenience.”

Obviously, we all classify different things as minor or major. My grandpa really saw his cancer as a minor inconvenience (Honestly, what? It takes a special kind of person to think that way). He didn’t let the diagnoses slow him down and make him bitter. He was a true example of making sure to live life to the fullest, being grateful for what you have, and to have a positive attitude, even if you get dealt a crummy hand.

My cute grandpa and I before prom sophomore year. This is actually a candid shot.

We can all be people who decide what is a minor or a major inconvenience in our lives. Can I guarantee that my first response to a crumpled sock in my shoe will be “Oh that is funny! That is just fine, my shoe was actually tied a little too tight and now I have the opportunity to loosen it!” ? No. But, can I make sure that I am having a reality check with myself when I think something is a big deal? Yes.

One of the most beautiful things in life is that we have the power to react the way we want. We get to choose what bugs us and what doesn’t. We get to decide what is worth getting frustrated over and what is something to let go. Reacting with a level head and patience takes practice for most people (I am one of those people) but it is worth working on.

I have noticed the difference in how I react to situations from even just a year ago and am impressed with my personal growth. I know that in a year from now I will think the same thing; that is the beauty about personal growth, you just keep getting better.

Let’s all aim to be better people every day. To look back at who we were a year ago and think “Wow, I have come a long way.” and, to react with peace and patience to situations.

The next time something happens in your life ask yourself if it is major or if it is actually just a minor inconvenience.

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