Don’t Settle

When I am walking about I seem to see a lot of people who appear to be heading somewhere in a hurry. Most of the time the faces worn by these individuals is displaying what could be described as agony.

I’ve always thought it a funny thing to watch people speed somewhere they don’t want to be going. I am well aware that bills need to be paid and money needs to be made, but is it worth it to sacrifice your happiness?

I am not saying one shouldn’t work, but couldn’t it be true that you will always find a way to make money. I believe that we can make money if we try and are willing to put the effort in. Maybe you have to work more hours and even more jobs, but you could be doing something that doesn’t make you feel like your life is being sucked from you.

I have experienced having a job that was absolutely draining. I would go to bed at night wishing I would wake up sick so I wouldn’t have to go to work the next morning. It paid well, but at what cost? Was making good money really worth wishing to be sick and dreading every single week day? Was it normal to only want to be alive on the weekends? Was having no energy to have a social life a normal way to feel from a job? After working in this job for a while, I knew something needed to change.

After expressing my feelings to my parents about my current reality and my lack of happiness I did some soul searching. I was asking the Universe to please give me a sign of what I was supposed to do next. I even told my current employer that I wanted a different job. I waited and walked. Walking always helps me think more clearly about things. A few days later I got the offer of my dreams. One I had actually turned down a few months prior because I was scared it was too good to be true. I decided to take this job, even though it paid less, because I knew I would be happy.

I was working more hours so really the money came out to be about the same. That wasn’t my main concern, and I know I am very lucky to not have to solely focus on how my bills will get paid. My life, however, was one that I was now loving to live! I was so excited to go to work every day and I truly dreamt about my job at night. It. Was. That. Good. I lived to work and I loved it.

I started to have a more social life and I could feel happiness radiate from my soul. I never felt like I was working because it was so much fun. My life starting shifting for the better. After I had made the choice to do what was right for me and to not be scared of doing something that aligned with what I wanted to do, life seemed so much easier. I think I had been making my life harder on myself because I was scared of doing what I wanted. I was scared that what I wanted wasn’t valid or couldn’t be mine.

I know I have done this more than once in my life. In fact I can think of a good handful of times where I caused unnecessary stress on myself because I was scared of what I knew would be best for me. Why make your life harder than it has to be and deny what you really want? I know it’s scary to follow your heart and dreams but isn’t it scarier to think that you could be on your deathbed and realize you lived a life you didn’t want?

I truly believe that we are all meant to have our dreams come true. I think if you work hard and have patience things will come to you. I choose to see the good in the world and am amazed every day at just how beautiful life can be when you are living for your wants and not what other people want of you. If the people in your life want the best for you, they will be happy that you are following your heart and living your desired life.

I know I want to live a life that I choose and don’t want to let life happen to me. I am on a mission to live my life to the fullest and help other people live their best lives too. With a finite amount of time of this Earth, why settle for anything less than your dreams?

Here’s to living our lives as our most authentic, healthiest, happiest selves.

I wish you the courage to chase that dream that you always thought was too good to be true for you. You ARE worthy!

Until next time,


Published by Hannah

My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

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