During this pandemic is a time that hope is important. If you focus on the negative during this time all you will see is the negative. I believe mindset is so important.

I have been distancing myself from the news because it becomes overwhelming and all consuming. The way the media portrays the virus is really scary and it highlights the bad much more frequently than the good. I am not saying this virus is good, but I do believe there are good things coming from it.

Today it was sunny for the second day in a row and it felt amazing to be outside. The winters here can get really long and sort of depressing. The one great thing about the weather here is that when spring comes along the snow begins to melt and the ground thaws, making you think about how beautiful life is.

For five months or so the temperatures are cold here. I don’t mean oh let me put on a sweatshirt cold, I mean cold cold. Like sometimes they put out warnings about the fact that you can cause harm to your body if you are outside for even a few minutes. The sun likes to hide and the days can be one long grey blur. Seasonal sadness is a real thing.

When life begins to awaken in the spring it brings with it a sense of new beginnings. You just survived this long cold gloomy period that at times felt like it was never ending. It seems crazy that you just survived what you did and you have a new found appreciation for the beauty of life.

This morning I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be alive and well. I felt so grateful for all the beautiful blessings in my life. Then I started to think about this scary time we are going through and I started to feel like this pandemic would never end. I knew how lucky I was to have a happy and capable body and I wanted to clear my mind so I went on a run.

I started thinking, as I always do while running, about many things. One thing that came into my head was the virus and how it was scary. Then I started to think about the positives this virus is bringing into the world. I think it has made people slow down and really consider what is important in this life. More family time and meaningful conversations are happening. People are learning how to move their bodies in new ways from videos online. People are coming together from all around the world (at a distance) to brighten one another’s days and to bring happiness into the world. One thing that is bringing people happiness is hearts. Hearts in windows to show people that they are not alone.

On my run I was overwhelmed with the amount of hearts I saw in windows. I don’t always feel super comfortable where I live. I feel like people can be very judgmental and think you should fit in a certain box. Today, I felt welcomed almost everywhere I was looking. I saw a community coming together to bring some light into this really weird and scary time.

Just as spring brings a new light to life, the hearts brought a new perspective to me. I saw hope being displayed in windows and I felt as though I could make it through this uncertain time.

Hope is so much better than fear. Living a life full of hope is more important now than ever. Hope for a bright future and for new lessons to be learned. Hope for a new sense of community. Hope for a brighter tomorrow and for new beginnings. Hope for peace in times of uncertainty.

Let’s spread love and hope not fear and hate.

Stay safe!


Published by Hannah

My name is Hannah. I love nature, animals, and going on adventures. Come along for the ride.

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