It Isn’t Always About You

If you are like me there is an overwhelming amount of pandemic related things coming at you in every single direction and you need a break. Today, I am giving you a break with a story.

This is a story about how I fell victim to thinking something that had nothing to do with me was my fault.

It all started in Seattle. I was there with my sister-in-law, Katrina (hey girl). We were on a little getaway just for fun and to explore a new city. Katrina and I love exploring new places and traveling, and I would like to think that we are pretty good at traveling. We find deals and know how to pack a bunch into a short amount of time.

Katrina and I walking through the rainy city.

On this trip in particular, we walked as much of the city as we possibly could. We were walking roughly fifteen miles every day we were there just to make sure we were seeing all that we could. We went to the main tourist attractions, but we also found hidden gems among the city by foot. This was the first trip that she and I went on alone and it was a great bonding experience. I am so grateful for the time we got to spend in Seattle and for all the things we got to experience.

One thing she and I have made a tradition while traveling is to go to a Whole Foods. On this particular Tuesday in April we went to Whole Foods so that I could get some food to eat for dinner. We made our walk from the store up a hill through a beautiful little lit park, Denny Park, back to our hotel.

Denny Park at night.

We get inside our room and I am excited to eat. I decide that the first thing I want to eat is an apple. I grab it and am going to wash it. The second I turn on the water faucet the loudest fire alarms I have ever heard start going off. I am immediately convinced that somehow my turning the water on set off these alarms. I try to ask Katrina if I did this, but I can’t even hear myself shouting at her.

We exit our room and make our way out of the building. We are standing outside with loads of other people from out hotel. We weren’t sure if this was a false alarm or a real fire, but we decided we made the right decision to go outside if not to only escape the noise.

The group as a whole thought this was funny but we were also concerned if it was a real fire or not. We weren’t sure if all our belongings that were inside were about to burn or not so we decided to not panic and keep living. People began to order pizza and eat food that they had brought outside with them. The firefighters had to lug themselves and their gear in and out of the hotel so many times that night. I am so grateful for how quickly they came and how they made sure to do thorough inspections of the hotel to make sure there wasn’t a fire anywhere. Thankfully, it turned out to be something wrong with the circuit that was tripping the signal to make the alarms go off.

Waiting outside our hotel. Clearly, I think the alarms are still loud.

This night is one I will never forget. We were in and out of the hotel many times over the next forty-five minutes or so because the alarms kept going off. The firefighters couldn’t get the alarms to stay off. That night the alarms ended up going off something like thirty-three times.

I had been convinced that this situation all started with me. I have never been more sure that something started because of me, when in reality it had nothing to do with me. I have had things like this happen to me before, and maybe you can relate. Maybe you think someone is laughing at you but it has nothing to do with you. Maybe someone is talking about something and you assume they are talking about you.

This fire alarm incident made me realize that sometimes we get so in our head about things and convince ourselves that innocent interactions, reactions, and situations are all about us when in reality they have nothing to do with us. Maybe you, like I, can benefit from reminding yourself that it isn’t always about you.

Until next time,


Smiling, but I really think this is disgusting. Gum wall.

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